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I was wondering why people who came to pai kept saying how much they love Pai even it was their first time coming Pai. Now I know why. I used to stay in Pai for 8 months but now I am oversea. You have no idea how much I miss you, Pai. It was not my first time coming to the internet,going to Google and searching”Pai” in order to see the pictures of Pai. Everytime I saw those pictures, I was crying and happy at the same time. 8months staying there is the best moment of my life, I can say that. I remember everything ovethere, every single thing there makes me smile and I’d like to go back there as soon as possible. I read from some websites. People said Pai is not like the old time anymore. There are so different. You can see the prosperity of Pai. Many tourists, luxurious resorts,…etc make pai worse than before. But for me, those people don’t know Pai enough. I believe if you spend a little more time in Pai learning people, exploring the surroundings of pai, you will understand the word” Perfection of life” . You will know the true happiness. Here, you’ll have less greed, you’ll know suffienciency, you’ll learn a lot from here as I do. Some people say we would see the pictures of the most important part of our life when we are going to die.I am sure, I will see the picture of pai at that time.

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Pai Meahongson Thailand Travel

At night in Pai (18:00-24.00 )
Shopping on road
like Kaosan Road in Bangkok



Pai is a small community, embraced by rolling mountains and enveloped in natural setting that is fresh and beautiful. The atmosphere is clean, pure, quiet and warmly welcoming. The different ethnic groups, religious beliefs and languages of the people of plains and the people of the mountains have blended together here to form a unique set of cultural traditions.

The citizens of Pai live their lives with a spirit of generosity and a sense of community, always ready to give someone a helping hand. Yet at the same time, the remoteness of the region makes travel to and from Pai difficult. Many people would rather not come and risk their chances in such an isolated place. However, many other people entrust their luck to fate in this very spot, and others dream of having just one chance in their lives to come and experience the summit of the north of Thailand.

Pai can be found to the northwest of Bangkok, 1035 kilometers along the main roads, at19.15 degrees - 19.30 degrees latitude north and at 98.15 degrees – 98.30 degrees longitude east. AT its lowest, Pai is 508 meters from sea level. The highest summit, Doi Jik Jong, which can be seen from Pai, is 1,972 meters from sea level. You can climb this mountain and experience the tropical forest and virgin jungle of the area.


Pai to Chiang MaiChiang Mai to Pai7.00 AM - 3.30 PM
Pai - Chiang Mai 3 hrs.
160 Baht/Person


Travel to Pai in comfort and style.
Chiang Dao .com can arrange an air conditioned mini-bus (minivan - fits up to 10 people) with a driver from Chiang Mai to Pai.Price (per vehicle not per person)One Way 3500 Baht
We can also make transport arrangements for your entire North Thailand trip.Please email us with your requirements and we will do the rest.


Pai to Chiang Mai & Pai to Mae Hong Son
Chiang Mai to Pai10.30 12.30 14.00 16.00
Pai - Chiang Mai 4 hrs.
About 80 Baht/Person

STUDYING : Pai Cookery School

Learn to cook authentic Thai cuisine in the garden setting of "The House of Glass"Flexible course content and many traditional recipes to choose from ( Including many vegetarian )1 - 3 day courses available10 years experiencetel. 01 - 7063799


AccomplishedTeacher of HATHA YOGA( 35 years experience, train in India )Small classes catering for all levels of practitioner, with individual tuition, and welcoming relayed schools of practice • 1st Session 10.00 AM - 12.00 AMLunch included ~ enjoy original Indian cuisine.• 2nd Session 3.00 PM - 5.00 PMDinner included ~ enjoy local fruit selection.Open Your Heart & Improve Your Techniquetel. 09-9544981

SHOPPING : Lacal Focus

The Local Focus is on Rungsiyanon Rd. in front of Krungtep BankAll souvenirs & hand made clothesdirect from hightland villagesContact : tel : 053 - 699715 e-mail : pailocalfocus@hotmail.com


Mom & Me is next to Sabai-Dee
Contact : Noi tel : 01 - 6037568

SHOPPING : Sabai-Dee

Sabai-Dee is also on Chai Chai Song Kram Rd.from Bus station go west along the road about 50myou will see the Sabai-Dee on your left before you find Mitthai Art ShopContact : tel : 06 - 9235309 e-mail : n069235309@hotmail.com

SHOPPING : Mitthai Art Shop

On Chai Song Kram Rd. From Bus station go west along the roadabout 100 m. you will see the little lovely white shop on your left.Contact : www.lovepai.pantown.com


Chanon is a nice place for drink and listen to chillout music.Chanon is in front of the one PTT gas station in Pai.

FOOD AND DRINK : Witching Well

With style that makes you feel like lose in the magic world.The Witching Well is another coffe shop you can not miss.Witching Well is on the corner of Sukapibal 1 Rd.In front of Pai River Corner resort , near Phakam temple.

FOOD AND DRINK : All About Coffee

All About Coffee is a popular classic style coffee shop in Pai.Very easy to find , from Bus station just go west along the Chai Song Kram Rd.about 100 m you will see it on your left , in front of Mitthai Art Shop.


Kongland (กองแลน) Kongland is in Ban Rong Yang away from Pai District 7 kilometers. It is hight eroding cliff just like Pa Muang Pee in Phrae Province, which is a large area around 8,000 aquare meters connected the way Maemalai-Pai.

ATTRACTION : Huey Nam Dung National Park

Huey Nam Dung National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติห้วยน้ำดัง) Huey Nam Dung National Park is 40 kilometers from Pai District. It is the place where the foresty Department has Development Water Resource Project on it. They grow a European plants and flowers. Huey Nam Dung National Park is a wonderful place for taking a tour in any seasons. There are accommodation to stay, more details call National Park Foresty Department Tel : (02) 579-0529

ATTRACTION : Pong Nam Ron Ta Pai

Pong Nam Ron Ta Pai (โป่งน้ำร้อนท่าปาย) Pang Nam Ron Ta Pai is The Mouth of a Spring at Pai Pier in Mae Hi. Go along the route No.1095 at the kilometers of 87-88 turn left and go along the way to Ban Ta Pai. You'll see it on your right. The Mouth of the spring is surrounded with a lot of Teak trees. You can put tent here.

ATTRACTION : Wat Phra That Mae Yen

Wat Phra That Mae Yen ( วัดพระธาตุแม่เย็น ) Wat Phra That Mae Yen is in Ban Mae Yen, Tambol Mae Hi, is located on a hill from where visitors overlook the whole Pai after paying tribute to the shrine.


Wat Nam Hu ( วัดน้ำฮู ) Wat Nam Hu is about 3 kilometers from Pai Market contain a sacred Chiang Saen Buddha image, 24 inches wide at the base and 30 inches high. The image's topknot can be opened and contained holy water, revered by local folk.


Wat Klang ( วัดกลาง ) Wat Klang is in Tambol Wiang Tai , near the bus station. In the precincts of this temple, a main Chedi of Thai Yai style stands in the center of the temple yard, surround by Mon Chedis below which Buddha image of the seven days of a week are put in niches.

ATTRACTION : Mae Yen Waterfall

Mae Yen Waterfall (น้ำตกแม่เย็น) Mae Yen Waterfall is situated in Ban Mae Yen. Tambol Mae Hi, about 30 kilometers from Pai. It is a tree-tiered waterfall and one of the most beautiful waterfall in Pai. It takes 3-5 hours to get this water on foot.

ATTRACTION :Mor Pang Waterfall

Mor Pang Waterfall (น้ำตกหมอแปง) Mor Pang Waterfall is localed 9 kilometers from Pai and can be reached convenienly by car. The surrounding area is shady and beautiful. Near by are Muang Soi Waterfall and a peaceful Muser ( Lahu ) tribe village.


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